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Why Use CloseMonitor?

Many companies hire remote workers such as offshore workers, freelancers, contractors, and telecommuters to lower hiring costs. Their under-performance may however reduce the benefits substantially. Performance reviews provide information only after a certain period. CloseMonitor is a simple and effective monitoring tool that tracks remote workers on a continuous basis and helps companies in achieving better productivity and a faster ROI.

How CloseMonitor Works?

CloseMonitor is a cloud-based Software as a Service that provides periodic screenshots, system events, applications details, and other useful information of  computers of remote workers. Using this powerful tool, managers can get valuable insight of the remote work, check their activities, idle time, time spent on various software and many other important information on a continuous basis. Manager can view all the information anytime and from anywhere by logging into their CloseMonitor account. 

A complete and easy to use desktop activity monitoring system to help you ensure optimal worker productivity. Time is money and CloseMonitor helps you in preventing wastage of worker’s valuable time and hence increase productivity.

CloseMonitor will boost your confidence in hiring cost-effective remote workers, anywhere in the world, and monitor their work online anytime. You can promote a work life balance and empower employees with flexible office days. Get the edge you always wanted over your competition. 

Within minutes of registering and installation, you will be able to view computer screen shots, review applications, block applications and track various employee desktop related activities and help your employees perform better. 

How CloseMonitor can improve hiring of remote workers

Train your Offsite Resources

Use the information from CloseMonitor to understand where each worker needs help.

Hire Cost-Effective Resources

Now that you can get optimum performance from remote workers, you can hire cost effective resources from anywhere in the world.

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