Monitoring Made Easy

Monitoring computer use and getting optimum work productivity of remote workers have been a challenge for many employers. CloseMonitor provides an easy and convenient way to monitor work of employees, contractors and remote workers from anywhere and anytime. With the help of CloseMonitor, employers can increase and maintain their overall work productivity at fraction of the cost.

CloseMonitor service provides an easy way to monitor computer activities and helps promote a work life balance. Using CloseMonitor, employers can view period screen shots, view running applications, block applications and track other activities such as login/logoff time, idle time etc. of computers.

How Does CloseMonitor Work?

After purchasing a CloseMonitor package, you will receive email with login credentials of your Admin account. Upon login into your account at website, you can add users you wish to monitor. These users will then receive email along with their login credentials and a link to download DesktopAgent software. The users are required to download and install the DesktopAgent software on their computers. Upon running the CloseMonitor DesktopAgent, users will be asked to enter their login credentials. Once the DesktopAgent successfully connects with our service via internet, it starts communicating with our service to store information. You can then conveniently view the computer activities of these users by logging onto your account at website.

Awesome Features

View Screen Shots

See screen shots taken from remote computers. These screen shots can be viewed anytime at your convenience as if you were standing in-front of that computer

View Applications

See list of applications being used on the remote computers while they are logged onto CloseMonitor. Now you know if they are playing music while working

Block Applications

Block applications on remote computers so the workers can only run required applications instead of wasting precious time on intended applications

Light Weight

CloseMonitor is a very light weight software that runs on remote computers. It utilizes minimal resources thus not affecting computer performance

No Keystroke Logging

CloseMonitor does not capture or record keystrokes. We value privacy of users


CloseMonitor stores and sends only encrypted data. The data is also stored in encrypted form giving complete peace of mind


Who can view saved desktop screen shots and activities?

Only the Admin user(s) of a client account can view screen shot images saved at These screen shots are not accessible even to our support team, keeping your organization’s privacy in mind. Only in very rare cases during technical issues, our technical team may require access to few such screen shots.

How can my employees maintain their privacy while accessing personal information?

Employees must log off from the CloseMonitor DesktopAgent software when they wish CloseMonitor DesktopAgent to stop capturing screen shots and other information. CloseMonitor DesktopAgent stops capturing information and communicating with our service upon log off.

Does CloseMonitor DesktopAgent captures keystrokes?

No. CloseMonitor DesktopAgent does not captures or transmits keyboard entries.